Lifestyle | Inspiration #1

Everyone needs some inspiration sometimes, so do I.
So I was in my room today and I had the need to buy some
decoration for my room.
So I took a look to many online shops and found some nice
stuff I wanted to show you.

Everything is for Urban Outfitters, because they just have amazing things!

First I saw this lamp, in the shape of an Elephant.
I just love elephant so I can say that I’m in love.
It’s just so cute!
I also saw this pillow, in the shape of a pug.
And who doesn’t like those little dogs?

And then I saw some other stuff I like.
First a board, you can write on it. I think this is
very cleverly, because now you can never forget important things.
And the last thing, a bord for photo’s!
I find it important to have photo’s in my room from friends, family
and ofcourse my boyfriend. So I liked this board very much.
You can hang up like all you favourite photo’s!

This was my first post in English.
I wanted to do this once, so I don’t know
if I keep doing this.

I hope you enjoyed my inspiration post.
Hope to see you soon!



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